Message from the President
Spring 2020


For businesspeople dealing in China trade, 2019 and 2020 are very challenging years.  Uncertainties of the America-China Trade Negotiations and the coronavirus outbreak in China and in other parts of the World has caused disruptions with many business investment and daily operations.  The supply chain and logistic system in the manufacturing sectors in China are suffering in wide disturbance.  The World Economy at the end of the Year 2020 might prove to be a year of recession.

Economy is always cyclical between boom and bust!  As every typhoon passes away, shining day comes!  The outbreak creates an urgent need to develop systems of remote diagnosis, telemedicine and new pharmaceuticals research.  The Trade Negotiation will overhaul the existing supply chain of the global production and international consumer market.  As demands for health care surge, new capital will speed up investments in the development of Artificial Intelligence and 5G technology.

Business models for entrepreneurs from 2020 year and onward will not be the same as before.  The consumer market behavior will be emphasized more on the demand of quality rather than that of quantity.  A new set of marketing strategies for doing business and serving customers is about to come.

We wish our CMBG members happy and healthy in 2020 year.   I believe we can turn the challenges into opportunities and ride on the trend to success!


Will Sung
March 2, 2020