Message from the President
Spring 2017


On behalf of the Board of Canadian Municipal Business Gateway (CMBG), I wish you and all the members of CMBG a healthy and happy year of 2017.

As we are entering into Industrial Era 4.0, entrepreneurs will discover a lot of challenges as well as opportunities. Thanks to the wide influence of the internet and the automation of manufacturing, international transactions such as joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions within Canadian industries and abroad are expected to be robust.

Great businesses require great partnerships. There are many opportunities for teaming up qualified local Canadian businesses with partners in China, or inviting foreign investors to do business in Canada. Yet, it is challenging in the early stages of collaboration, particularly for international partnerships. Development direction, managerial style, cultural understanding, financial background and capabilities are all factors that need to be worked through.

Canadian Municipal Business Gateway ( CMBG ) is an organization that seeks to mediate this difficult but rewarding process. We specialize in matching up qualified prospective Chinese partners and investors with Canadian companies. As a business match maker, CMBG is particularly aware that the business world is constantly changing. The need to be flexible should not be overlooked. In the midst of economic globalization, Canadian businesses require strategies that exist beyond their current mindset. We need to find new ways of reaching out to tap into the evolving market as well as the new channels for products and services.

CMBG focuses its efforts and resources to act as a bridge for local businesses to reach out to their counterparts in China. Reciprocally, CMBG will help Chinese investors to seek investment opportunities here.

More renowned Canadian brands should consider doing business with partners in China and Asia for their further growth in the global economy. Our renowned Canadian brands do represent Canadian excellence in quality. 

Warm wishes,


Will Sung
President, CMBG