The City of Waterloo is a community of choice to live, work, learn and play.

The strength of the city lies within the pillars of their economic vitality: technology, knowledge and education, finance and insurance, manufacturing and community.

These pillars empower the city to weather financial storms, retain their current population, attract newcomers and grow a city worthy of global recognition.

Known globally as an Intelligent Community, they excel at innovation and collaboration – finding creative solutions to different challenges is one of their specialties. Waterloo is a centre of growth and entrepreneurship that continues to adapt and expand to an ever-changing economy.

People, businesses and investors move there and stay there for a reason – their ability to reinvent themselves and to diversify their economy has created a balanced and rich lifestyle – one that has earned them a permanent spot on the global stage.

Contact information:
Economic development
Phone: (519) 747-6110

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