Business Explore 2016

Business Explore 2016 was a two-day event organized by the Canadian Municipal Business Gateway (CMBG).

The purpose of this event was two-fold. Firstly, our aim was to connect Canadian mainstream businesses with the Chinese communities in the GTA and abroad.  Secondly, this event was a way for franchises to discover an investment opportunity in the Remington Centre.

The event was a major success, featuring approximately 30 vendors who were able to connect directly with attendees about their products, services, and business models. Through our surveys, it is estimated that the Business Explore exhibit was visited by approximately 8,000 people on Friday and another 10, 000 people on Saturday. Advertisements in Fairchild TV, Omni TV, Fairchild Radio, CCN, Singtao, and Green Life Weekly contributed to the success of Business Explore 2016. Many of these platforms, are not only popular in Toronto, but also reaches audiences in Calgary, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and China.

We are looking forward to partnering with you to create an even more successful Business Explore 2017. Stay tuned for more details!