Message from the President
Spring 2022


To most business entrepreneurs, the period of the Years 2020, 2021 and 2022 is the best of times and the worst of times in their business encounters.   Many of them have been facing drastic and rapid changes in their business operations under pandemic restrictions.  Even certain days or months after the pandemic is over, many business operations will not be the same as before.  Some business models emerge to adapt into the new environments while some others vanish like dinosaurs.

2022 is a Year of Uncertainty!!  There is unrest in global geopolitics.  It suffers with high inflationary pressure.  The stock market is in turmoil. The threat of global warming is imminent.  The year of 2022 is challenging; yet, it is abundant with opportunities.   How we can turn threats into our business opportunities will require us to put in our vision and action.  Year 2022 might prove to be a remarkable milestone for many business entrepreneurs.

I wish you and every member of Canadian Municipal Business Gateway a happy, healthy, and wealthy Year of 2022.


Will Sung
President of Canadian Municipal Business Gateway
February 15, 2022