Message from the President
Spring 2019


……….Our connection to the world, your opportunity to prosperity……

Thanks to CMBG’s culture of collaborative partnership, our constant watch for industry trends, and our concerns for the unique challenges facing small and medium sized businesses, CMBG has been offering invaluable assistance to enable Canadian business owners to reach out to the global market.

In October 2018, I joined the CMBG China Business Delegation to visit various parts of China.   This 10-day trade mission included Macao, Guangzhou, and Shandong (a northern coastal province) with hugh business potentials in many industry sectors. 

What makes CMBG’s trade mission so special and successful, is their ability to arrange relevant business connections for each delegate as well as their meticulous preparation from beginning to the end of the trip. Travel arrangements were extremely well organized by CMBG which has allowed me to save on my limited travel budget.

In order to introduce all participating companies to the Chinese partners, CMBG prepared a brochure highlighting each company, in both Chinese and English.  With the low levels of English proficiency in China and complexities of the Mandarin languages, if we are to capitalise on the potential of the market it is going to be important to consider the language barriers.

CMBG, together with their local partners, helped many business meetings with local Chinese prospects.  This allows us to make the best use of our time.  It was amazing to see how much we have achieved in within a short few days of visit. 

Along with their local contacts, CMBG also facilitated many follow up interactions after the trip which is critical to maintaining the momentum and generating meaningful results from the trip.

I am vey pleased to have established more than 10 serious business contacts from that trip and signed several distribution agreements.  As a result of the connections via CMBG’s platform, we are now working on several other partnership opportunities.  I am very pleased with all that I received from the 2018 CMBG China Business Delegation and hope to join again in 2019.

With the help from CMBG, you will also get a chance to create numerous international business opportunities.  We’ll be there to guide you as you take another step towards the global market.  Join us on our next Business Delegation. 

We wish you all the best in your business endeavour.


Will Sung
President, CMBG